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About Us

As a church, we seek to follow the example of Christ - He never forces or compels, but he does offer opportunities. As His church we seek to offer the same for others to serve and to learn about Him, but we cannot compel. The choice is down to each person to respond and take advantage of His incredible gift to us of salvation and security. But it is worth a thought that the doors of opportunity will one day close for you and you may run out of time to make that all important choice to meet Him.


Our Minister - Rev Nigel Murphy

My wife Rhea & I were previously in Greenisland Methodist Church community for the past 4 years before coming to join Bloomfield Methodist in late July 2020. I come from a Social Work background and have undertaken secular management roles in the care industry which has provided a breadth of learning experience.
We have had to contend with some personal difficulties that have been used by God to enable us both to better understand and support others facing similar problems.

No matter what God may allow to come into our lives, if He is at the centre, He will always use those difficulties to strengthen faith and reveal His power and peace.

God is in control of HIS world and works in and through everything (Romans 8:28). Thus we care called to place our confidence in God's goodness and wisdom (his good, pleasing and perfect Will).  I look forward to our continued journey of discipleship, transformation in the Lord Jesus Christ, as your minister.

Rev Murphy
Image by Patrick Fore


Methodists; Friends of All,

Enemies of None


Bloomfield Methodist, was dedicated for worship on Saturday 4th September 1948.

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