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Connexional Day of Fasting

As part of our Lenten journey, the President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Reverend David Turtle, is inviting us to join with him on a Connexional Day of Fasting on Friday 1st March 2024 in our own homes. This personal invitation and guidance for fasting is on the church website and church noticeboards.

It is very important to follow the safety guidance for fasting for example please don’t fast from food if you have an illness or feel unwell without speaking to your doctor. Don’t fast from food if you are pregnant etc. When fasting from food we are allowed to drink.

It is equally important to emphasise that fasting is not limited to food but can include a fast from activities that consume much of our time on social media, TV, mobile phone, etc. Please remember Nigel’s sermon on how we can worship our hobbies in ways that they can become idols.

For this Connexional Day of Fasting we are encouraged to follow the Wesleyan model, beginning your fast at sundown on Thursday and fasting through to 3pm on Friday 1st March 2024.

For more information on this from the Methodist Church in Ireland download the files below. If you cannot view PDF files, please contact the webmaster to request them in Word format.

Download PDF • 250KB

Download PDF • 46KB


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