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Holy Week Services

Commencing tomorrow on Monday 25th March. Holy Week Services in Conjunction with Bloomfield Presbyterian Church & St Donard's Church of Ireland.

"Jesus explains his death" led by The Very Rev Dr Trevor Morrow

Monday 25th March 7.30pm: Bloomfield Presbyterian Church.

The cost in saving the lost. 


Tuesday 26th March 7.30pm: St Donard’s Church of Ireland

The defeat of the demonic.


Wednesday 27th March 7.30pm: Bloomfield Presbyterian Church

The making of atonement


Thursday 28th March 7.30pm: Bloomfield Methodist Church (Communion)

The Inauguration of the new covenant.


Good Friday: 29th March 7.30pm: Bloomfield Presbyterian Church

The paying of a ransom.


Also on Friday:

Good Friday - Walk of Witness 29th March 2024 – 12:30pm – Starting from Bloomfield Presbyterian Church – Going to St Donard’s and then onto Bloomfield Methodist for Hot Cross Buns and Tea in the Noble Hall. All are welcome to take part in the walk at any point or alternatively arrive for Hot Cross Buns at BMC.

Easter Sunday Communion Worship Service – Sunday 31st March 2024, 11am. - Bloomfield Methodist Church

Kids Programme: There is a Kids Programme available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening of the Holy Week Services. They will take place where the evening services are taking place and are being held from 7:15pm-8:40pm each evening.

Tuesday -St Donard's,

Wednesday - Bloomfield Presbyterian

Thursday  - Bloomfield Methodist Church.

This is for primary 4-7 age. We intend to use the Noble Hall.

Ethna has consent forms of details of online consent forms. (If you need one, please email us).


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